Positive Pathways

The MDA/MYDC in response to this issue of suicide in the community has developed a supportive health educational pilot programme to develop resilience factors amongst young people affected by a bereavement or suicide.  Using best community development principles, this programme will use a collaborative approach with all stakeholders including young people, families, relevant agencies etc.


The project objectives are to

  1. Improve the mental and physical health of the participants.
  2. Improve the coping skills of the young people affected by suicide/bereavement.
  3. Encourage participants to value and implement practices that promote personal growth and well-being.
  4. Promote a balanced family life and values for families affected by suicide.
  5. Develop a strong collaborative voice of young people to articulate their concerns.
  6. Involve significant adults including family members of participants in the knowledge being obtained by the young people.
  7. Promote and develop links with significant adults including family members of participants and offer relevant support including access to counselling, information to services etc. to increase their awareness and knowledge of additional supports available to them.
  8. As a result of the young people participating in this programme they will acquire the skills set to cope with life stressors and reduce the risk of further bereavement by suicide.