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Our dedicated team of Volunteer Homework Club Assistants are the back bone of the Homework Club. They assist the children with the classwork and act as positive role models.

Currently we have 20 volunteers from the community who work on a rota basis for an hour once a week with the children in the Homework Club. Volunteers are offered training throughout the year to support them in their roles.

We are always looking for new volunteers so please feel free to contact the MDA. You need to be over 18 and no experience necessary.

The Mountmellick Youth Development Centre (MYDC) is looking for volunteers to give one hour per week during school term to work with MYDC staff to create a supportive and encouraging atmosphere to enable primary school children complete their homework. 

Venue: Scoil Phádraig and Scoil Íosaif Naofa, Davitt Road, Mountmellick. 

Time:  2.45p.m.-3.45p.m. Monday – Thursday 


Mountmellick Youth Development Centre aims to provide an educational and recreational programme of activities in a safe environment for young people that will enable them to grow and develop into active responsible members of their community.

We recognise that in order to achieve our goals we need to involve volunteers in our work.  We believe that the role the volunteer will   play in supporting staff members to deliver the programme of activities will complement and not replace the role of paid staff. We recognise the volunteer as a valuable resource and that the commitment, time, energy and skills offered by our volunteers as integral to the continuing success of Mountmellick Youth Development Centre.

Mountmellick Youth Development Centre understands a volunteer to be an individual who without compensation or expectation of compensation beyond reimbursement performs a task of their own free will at the direction of the organisation for the benefit of a cause or another beyond themselves and/or their family”.


We believe that our relationship with our volunteers is one of mutual responsibility and commitment, within which  Mountmellick Youth Development  Centre  and our volunteers both have rights and responsibilities.  As an organisation which promotes volunteering, it is essential that we present a model of good practice in volunteer management.

In the Mountmellick Youth Development Centre volunteers serve on our management committees, help with the delivery of our services, and are active in the community-led groups and projects that we support. Volunteers are also involved in many other aspects of our work including, for example, fund raising


We aim to train, support and supervise our volunteers to the best of our abilities, and to act quickly and fairly if difficulties arise. We hope that volunteers will enjoy their involvement and gain from it in terms of their own personal objectives.


The MYDC will consider involving anyone as a volunteer. However, a candidate shall only be selected for involvement as a volunteer if they demonstrate a commitment to the aims of the MYDC match the positions role and person specification and successfully complete all recruitment stages. No person who has a conflict of interest with any activity or programme of the organisation, whether personal, philosophical, or financial shall be accepted or serve as a volunteer with the MYDC. NO SPECIFIC QUALIFICATIONS REQUIRED. 

Working Conditions

Volunteers are treated as full members of the MYDC team. They are treated as equally and fairly as paid staff and are included in the MYDC’s  functions and decision-making processes wherever practical. Volunteers have access to the space, equipment and facilities necessary to volunteer effectively and comfortably.

Operating Standards

Volunteers are expected to work within the policies and procedures of the MYDC and adhere to its ethos.  Volunteers are expected to dress appropriate to their responsibilities and represent MYDC in a professional manner.  A professional attitude in which the job comes first is expected, and professional courtesy must reign at all times.  Co-operation and teamwork amongst the volunteers, staff and clients is required and encouraged.  Domination, aggressive and oppressive behaviour are not tolerated and must be reported to the MYDC Co-ordinator when anyone encounters them.  



The MYDC respects the volunteer’s right to privacy and confidentiality. In turn, volunteers are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of all privileged information to which they are exposed while volunteering with the MYDCA volunteer shall not at any time, whether before or after the end of their involvement, disclose such information to any person without our written consent.  Volunteers are expected to exercise care to keep safe all documentary or other material containing confidential information. Failure to do so could result in the termination of a volunteer’s relationship with the MYDC

All written material, whether held on paper, electronically or magnetically which was made or acquired by you during the course of your involvement with us, is our property and our copyright.   


Role Descriptions and Person Specifications

Like paid staff, volunteers require a clear and accurate description of the tasks and responsibilities they are expected to undertake. Prior to any volunteer assignment or recruitment effort, a role description must be developed for each voluntary opportunity. This must include a title of the volunteering role, starting and finishing dates, hours and place of work, name of supervisor and tasks to be undertaken. The role description may be amended in joint agreement with the volunteer and the MYDC Project Leader.


Volunteers are recruited on a pro-active basis by the organisation using publicity avenues that are suitable for the roles that need to be filled. Potential volunteers may also apply speculatively. Volunteers are recruited in accordance with the MYDC’s equal opportunities policy. A role description is provided which will enable a perspective volunteer to make an informed choice as to whether he/she would like to work with the MYDC.  For anyone who decides to proceed in becoming a volunteer with MYDC the following forms must be completed and returned to MYDC.

  • MYDC Volunteer Application Form
  • 2 Character Reference
  • Garda Vetting form


On receipt of all documents the MYDC will based on the information supplied decide to proceed with the volunteer process, interview.

If an applicant is successful he/she will be invited to meet with two MYDC staff members to discuss their application and to ascertain their interest in and suitability for the role. Written records of all interviews are kept. References are always taken up. If the role requires it, health (mental and physical) checks are also undertaken. Other checks may also be completed (for example, ascertaining professional qualifications). Volunteers are always warned in advance of the intention to make these checks. If they refuse permission and cannot provide an acceptable reason, they will not be placed.  All unsuccessful candidates are thanked for applying and encouraged to reapply for other volunteering opportunities, either current or in the future.


The engagement of a volunteer with the MYDC is conditional on passing the Garda Vetting Procedures.  Garda vetting is subject to appropriate time frames for qualification.  In this instance while the Garda vetting process is ongoing, you are permitted to work in your position as volunteer.  However, your engagement in a volunteer capacity is conditional on passing the Garda Vetting Procedures.

The selection decision when reached will be communicated in writing or in person to the applicant. The decision will be recorded in writing on the candidate’s volunteer application form.

Formal appointments are made only after the role description has been agreed and all necessary checks have proved acceptable. No placements are made unless the requirements of the volunteer and the volunteer’s supervisor can be met.

Induction/ On-the-Job Training

All volunteers receive induction training when they begin voluntary work with the MYDC. This consists of a general introduction to the organisation, and the organisation policies, operations and procedures and the organisation policies, operations and procedures as well as a specific orientation on the purposes and requirements of their volunteering role. During induction volunteers will be provided with opportunities to discuss any questions about the organisation. 

Volunteers receive initial and ongoing on-the-job training to provide them with the information and skills necessary to perform their tasks well. The training must be appropriate for the demands of the position and the capabilities of the volunteer.
Volunteers are actively encouraged to identify training courses, seminars, conferences, and so on, which would help them to perform their roles better and which would aid their personal development.

If you are interested in joining our group of volunteers or require more information contact Audrey O’Reilly.

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