Students on Placement

Recruitment of Students

Students who wish to apply to the MYDC for student placement must send a letter of applications with an up to date CV to the Project Leader.

Students are recruited in accordance with the MYDC’s equal opportunities policy. Code of practice for students is provided to each student, if possible before they start placement, which will enable a prospective student to make an informed choice as to whether he/she would like to work with the MYDC.  For anyone who decides to proceed with their placement with MYDC the following forms must be completed and returned to MYDC.

  • College Insurance
  • 2 Written References
  • Garda Vetting  form

On receipt of all documents the MYDC will decide to proceed with the student placement process.


If an applicant is successful he/she will be invited to meet with two MYDC staff members to discuss their application and to ascertain their interest in and suitability for the role. Written records of all interviews are kept.


All placements are subject to an initial trial period depending on the length of the placement.


All students receive induction training when they begin work with the MYDC. This consists of a general introduction to the organisation, the organisation policies, operations  and procedures as well as a specific orientation on the purposes and requirements of their role. During induction students will be provided with opportunities to discuss any questions about the organisation. 

Students are treated as members of the MYDC team. They are included in the MYDC’s functions and decision-making processes wherever practical.

Operating Standards

Students are expected to work within the policies and procedures of the MYDC and adhere to its ethos. During induction students will be given all the MYDC policies and procedures. Students are expected to read each policy thoroughly and will be given an opportunity to question any elements that need to be clarified. 

The MYDC adhere to a healthy eating policy and students are expected to ensure they do the same i.e. no drinking soft drinks in front of children, no chewing gum while at work or eating sweets during work.

Co-operation and teamwork amongst the volunteers, staff and clients is required and encouraged.  Domination, aggressive and oppressive behaviour are not tolerated and must be reported to the MYDC Co-ordinator when anyone encounters them.  

Placement Flexibility

The role of a Youth Worker is varied, students will be asked to take on various tasks during their placements. Tasks will include:

  • Facilitating group
  • Designing and planning a session
  • Office administration
  • Preparing and cooking for group
  • Cleaning of activity areas
  • Assisting Youth worker with any tasks that may need to be completed

The MYDC expect students to be flexible within the timetable of work. This flexibility is essential for the success of the MYDC and student’s timetables are always subject to change.

Standards of Dress

Students are expected to present themselves tidily and with a professional image for work each day. Students should wear clothes appropriate to their role and they should be kept clean and tidy at all times. Students are expected to dress appropriate to their responsibilities and represent MYDC in a professional manner.  A professional attitude in which the job comes first is expected, and professional courtesy must reign at all times.   

Students Role

Students are required to become involved in the MYDC programme of activities. Students are encouraged to use their own initiative in the development and delivery of activities in the centre.

The MYDC promote a team work environment for staff, students are expected to work as part of the team.

Students will be expected over their placement to plan, develop, facilitate and evaluate a group session with one or more of our groups. The Project Leader will discuss the outline of the task at the beginning of the placement ensuring students are comfortable but challenged in their placement.

Students are also expected to show an interest in getting to know the children and young people during their placement.


The MYDC respects the student’s privacy and confidentiality. In turn, students are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of all privileged information to which they are exposed while working with the MYDC.  A student shall not at any time, whether before or after the end of their involvement, disclose such information to any person without our written consent.  Students are expected to exercise care to keep safe all documentary or other material containing confidential information. Failure to do so could result in the termination of a student’s placement with the MYDC.  

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